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  How I Built My First Solar Panel For Under $100. Then I built 7 more to cut my utility bill in half!

Hello, I'm Eric from , and welcome to this edition of 'DIY Home Energy'. If you were one of the 423 people who submitted highly positive feedback about the wind energy program I recommended last month, many thanks for making the effort.

This month I'm going to introduce you to an incredibly easy, step-by-step guide for making your own solar panels for a fraction of what it would cost your for similar quality retail units.

Not only did I build my very first solar panel for under $100, (after trying and giving up on 2 other, relatively incomplete, "do-it-yourself" guides), but I was so impressed with how easy it was I went ahead and built and installed 7 more of them and since then my utility bill has been cut in half. In fact, the step-by-step guide was so easy that my son built one for a school project.

If you are short of time you can see where I got these step-by-step plans below, although I highly recommend you take a couple of minutes to read the rest of the story as I'm certain it will encourage you and assist you in building your first panel and cutting your utility bill to a fraction of what it is now.


  Here's What Happened...


As most of you know I'm just an average guy living a normal life with the wife and 2 kids, and up until the end of last year, I didn't give a second thought to my $230 average electric bill (it gets to about $420 in the winter, and $100 in the summer). That is, until I talked to a buddy of mine down the street about his electric bill...

I won't go into everything because that would take all day and I realize that your time is precious. However, as I'm sure you can guess, the inevitable happened... my buddy had just recieved his first check from the electric company.

To cut a very long story short, after talking with a few different companies about having solar panels built for me, and realizing there's now way I could afford paying what they were asking (which was between $20,000-25,000), I began looking for ways to build my own solar panels. However, I was having almost no success, and was on the verge of giving up...

  But Then I Found ...


After going through two other sets of plans that I bought from the internet, only to give up because they were either incomplete or didn't actually work (at the time I thought it was me, but now that I actually understand how solar panels work, I know it was the plans that were wrong), I stumbled onto the website ''. They had plenty of testimonials of people who had successfully used their plans, and the website assured me that it would be easy, and straight forward. Personally, I was doubtful because I'd already been burned with the other plans that I'd bought ... but after reading some very positive reviews, and being reassured by their "love it or it's free" guarantee, I decided to give it a go (I also really wanted the free wind turbine plans that they offer as a bonus ... check to see if they're still offered, the wind turbine is just as easy to make and it's a great backup for those dark and stormy days).

The whole idea for building solar panels is that you buy your own solar cells, wire them together, connect them to a battery, then into your homes power suppy. Even though it sounds a difficult ... as I soon found out, it's really easy.


I ordered the plans (you'll get a cd of the plans in the mail, but you can download everything immediately after you pay for it), watched each of the step-by-step videos and got started right away gathering the materials. After about a week I finally had all the supplies (I had to order the solar cells from the internet) and I had my first fully functional solar panel the very next day! It was pretty astonishing to me how easy it was, especially compared to how complicated the other sets of plans that I bought were.


  The End Result... (8 Solar Panels And Electricity Bill Cut In Half)


After I had my very first working solar panel in front of me, my mind was thinking about the possibilities and I ran into the house to get some paper to sketch some designs. Before I knew it I had ordered the solar cells for 7 more panels. While the cells were in the mail I got the first panel wired into the house, and in just three weeks from when I first got the guide I had 8 solar panels wired into my house.

On average our electric bill has been cut in half, and every once in a while during a bright summer day I'll catch our meter going backwards (I just can't help myself from watching the meter on sunny days). Even though we aren't fully off the grid, we are working on cutting down our energy usage before we build any more solar panels. But I am planning on building that wind turbine ... and when I update the blog next month I'm sure I'll have another report for you!

Of course discovering this incredibly easy, step-by-step plan on how to build a solar panel has been pure luck considering how much garbage is on the internet, and if you need to cut down on your electric bills, or just want your house to be a little more "green", then I recommend you try this too, especially if (like me) you've tried everything else, have run out of ideas and don't want to spend hours trying to figure it out yourself. Click the link below and check out their website.

  Click Here To See (You'll wish all DIY plans were this easy!)




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